Thermage Tightens Loose Arm Skin

Naomi Fenlin discussing the amazing things lasers can do for skin care & beauty purposes; acne, acne scars, skin tightening, Thermage, Isolaz, Fraxel, hair removal, etc.

I became a vegan from a vegetarian for 30 years, after I was bitten by a large Hobo spider from a sudden infestation in my home which poisoned my body. I immediately went to ER GOT A STAFF INFECTION went to vegan to remove toxins. After 1 yr. I got saggy arm skin, where I was bitten, left arm, will sag, wrinkle, w/veins protruding, scaring me to death, but I use a product on called SKINN tight & tone & the sag , wrinkles, veins, are gone! What is going on? I am 5′ 5″ tall and weigh 115 lbs. Before I was bitten (in the same area as my flu shot) I was vegetarian & weighed 125. My body had no wrinkles, one year ago! Yes, I am 64 yrs old, but an entertainer all my life which kept me out of the sun. Now, I just learned I am developing a hole in my left eye, same side as the bite. Why is all this happening at once since I was bitten? Was something injected into me? My skin has always been smooth & tight. I do not smoke/drink but I have diabetes w/ insulin? Weird too! Not fat

I have always kind of ridiculed cosmetic surgeries and such, but I’ve watched several of your videos, and the work you do is amazing. You have helped so many desperate people who just want to live a “normal” life — not conceited whackos, just regular unfortunates. I have really gained a new respect for you and what you do. Hat’s off to you!!