Skin Science – The New Key to Anti-Aging Medicine – Professor Adiel Tel-Oren (January 2015)

Skin Science – The New Key to Anti-Aging Medicine by Professor Adiel Tel-Oren, MD, DC, DABFM, DABCN, CCN, LN, presented on January 15, 2015.

What does the new science of skin health reveal about the secrets of longevity and disease prevention? How will simple, objective, non-invasive cutting-edge diagnostic tools revolutionize your overall health? What common practices must be avoided in order to maintain youthful skin, brain and body? Why do skin growths, cancers, rashes, and blemishes appear on your skin?
Because of its superficial position and aesthetic significance, humans care a lot about their skin and therefore have studied it extensively. However, lesser-known aspects of skin science have just recently come to light and are yet a novelty for amateurs and scientists alike. In this lecture Dr. Tel-Oren will introduce revolutionary scientific instruments that can diagnose skin health and demonstrate the progress of skin degeneration. Until now, these scientific instruments have only been available to major university research departments interested in general skin physiology, immunology, bacteriology, and pathology, but not in clinical applications. This is the first time that such skin diagnosis measures can be harnessed in a clinical or office setting to serve the needs of practitioners focused on anti-aging medicine.
The skin is not just the largest organ in the body, it is also a major organ of elimination, nutrient production, physical protection, and a major organ of the innate immune system second only in size and importance to the gastrointestinal tract. This innate immunity, as in other parts of the body, is the primordial initial line of defense against potential bacterial, viral, or environmental insult. Because of this function of the skin, and because of its structural components that lend protective lining and cushioning to our internal organs and neuro-musculo-skeletal structures, it is paramount that we identify trends affecting skin health and demonstrating its gradual degeneration process, as these trends directly affect the entire body’s immune resistance.


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  1. Radek Pilich

    Great talk. No fluff, practical, without too much overwhelming science information. Thank you!

  2. Awakened Won

    "Don't use sunscreen and don't wash your face." "Don't do anything  to your face." DON'T BELIEVE THIS QUACK. This guy is full of so much shit. "My face protects itself so far very well"…… mention of how favorable genes might be the reason……uggg……Has he ever heard that oral D3 supps work to bring D3 levels up???…god forbid you use Retin-A…I bet he thinks that will ruin your face. Yes the lipid barrier of the skin is important to maintain but it's much more than that. He reminds me of some cult leader leading the clueless flock down the wrong road.

  3. Michelle Padamada

    This makes sense! I used to have an acne prone skin since I started using different products on my face when I was 13 y.o.. I am now 30 and I have tried different things to cure my acne – set of chemical facial products and even all organics but they all made my skin worst (except for the anti-androgenic pill which has a lot of side effects so I still had to stop that). I also regularly visit a skin care centre for a treatment. After reading somewhere that a person stop using all of the harsh chemicals on his face and it finally heals, and so I tried it too and it really works. It's hard for someone like me who's addicted to facial products. I'm not sure if I can stop completely but now I'm washing my face just ONCE daily and I can see significant improvements. No more irritations, no more pimples/acne and my skin looks better – not oily nor dry. :)

  4. Lexi Gilbert

    ..Hiii anyone…Maxelder argan cream I ’am almost 40 and have small wrinkles on the forehead… the cream smooths and moisturizes the skin very well and after using it there is a very pleasant feeling w…..nyarganoil…c.

  5. Coco Loro

    I like the presentation a lot! I have one question about washing hair and Shampoo. My whole life I have very greasy hair, I would smell and look bad without washing my hair at least every second day. Please, what is the best to use for a clean scalp? Thank you.

  6. Dimitar Georgievski

    A great presentation, although diet recommendations sounds dubious to me. Nuts, sea grass, and avoiding animal protein for a healthy skin, really? Dr. Tel-Oren admitted in the presentation he is a vegetarian so I would take this as his bias towards non-vegetarian diets.

  7. varis ahmad

    This man is basically embracing the caveman regimen. Where you simply do not touch your face/skin at all and let it do its thing. This is objective truth. Nature is perfect. Nature designed humans to self regenerating and self sustaining organisms. The human body is the perfect machine and if you shall leave it alone it will thrive

  8. Spective

    Professor LOL he's not even an MD this dumb arrogant cherry picking fraud will live till he's 90 like a dry plum and insist he's living healthy because apparently the caveman used to eat seaweed instead of meat hahaha chewing legumes for an hour.. what a joke this guy is

  9. Carroll Hoagland

    I like this, I will never take another shower … well maybe 1 once a year i.e. Christmas morning ….70 Going On 100

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