Natural Anti-Aging Solutions Dr. Group covers natural anti-aging solutions, the science of aging, and the best natural solutions to deal with its effects. This is a life lesson that everyone needs to hear.


Dr. Edward Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM is the founder and CEO of Global Healing Center. He assumes a hands-on approach to producing new and advanced life changing products and information to help you maintain a clean body and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s our mission to bring back good health, positive thinking, happiness, and love.

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20 Comments on “Natural Anti-Aging Solutions”

  1. Achaeos Salisbury

    Hey Doc.  Just watching you sit under those Fluorescent lights hurts me, LoL.  Maybe get lots of mirrors in there to reflect more light from the window around… if you have one.  Your poor plant will be happier too.  I think your green friend there would like so good ol' rain water too.  Great info.  Keep doing it.I try to look past the occasional talk of vegan stuff….. I just don't buy the vegan agenda at all.  Oh and I am not sure if you reject evolution or not but it appears to be absolute fact to me, looking at the fossil record and the properties of DNA.  I mention that because I believe that humans are clearly loaded with marine/aquatic adaptations which must indicate that we have spent a significant amount of time evolving in coastal environments and I was wondering if you have given this some thought.  My top health recommendation to everyone is to get back to the sea somehow (Mainly eating fish, seaweed and taking iodide and unrefined Sea Salt).  But here are some of those adaptations.- All seafood is extremely healthy for us, from fish oils to seaweed.- Iodine/Iodide is critical to our health, found in great quantities only in the sea.- A few weeks of underwater, held-breath, swimming results in permanent carotid artery expansion increasing IQ.- The hands and feet, wrinkle up in wet conditions to improve footing and grip in slippery conditions.- Reduced hair coverage of the body is seen almost exclusively in mammals that swim the most.- Check out 'Marine Adaptations in Human Kidneys' – Marcel F. Williams- Salt excretion in tears and sweat.- Standing upright may be an adaptation to wading, just look at wading birds, they stand tall.- Subcutaneous fat layer like Marine mammals, quite unlike other primates.- The larynx might be evidence for this theory- Breath control we have may support this theory.- Fatty babies, far more buoyant than other Primates, able to swim and hold their breathe immediately.- Babies cant walk for their first year, and yet swim, now that is has got to show we spent A LOT of time in the water.- Water birth, yeah we are just now figuring out this is healthy and natural.- Auditory exostosis is caused by regular exposure to cold water and is seen in erectus and Neanderthal fossils.- Humans tend to live near water and recreate around & in water.  We love fountains, garden ponds and aquariums.- Encephalization driven by switching between different habitats, perhaps.  Elephants, have an aquatic past and large brains.  Dolphins have large brains.  Squid too.  There is also the healthy nutrients from the sea that are good for our brains.  Condensing a lot here, LoL.There are other things. And I don't think this is one evolutionary event.  I think we have kinda gone back and forth, with differing changes occurring each time.  When we starting sailing the seas we were changing even then to be better adapted to the sea.  Now, I also think we have adapted to fire.  We like to gather around a fire.  We like the smell.  We like a little smoke.  Incense and unfortunately this makes smoking something bad more palatable.  But I think I notice feeling better when around a fire, seeing, smelling and feeling it.  It has been our safety and the center focus of our every campsite and now our living rooms.  I think we can not achieve our greatest mental and physical health without fire because it is in our DNA.Until we learn to understand our true nature and embrace it, we cannot achieve our full potential.This goes for social issue as well.  Western culture has lost its way.  And now we are a declining subspecies.  WE better figure it out or Europe and America will be overrun and return to the Stone Age.

  2. carla da Silva Amador dos Santos

    Eu li um comentario seu,falando de protetores solares importados,para a pele brasileira,vc poderia me indicar 1 por favor?sofro a anos com melasmas

  3. Coralie Gema

    i love this Argan Life Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil product for myself and use it on my 17 year old for his acne,it works great.I will be reordering this product

  4. Lori Cook

    wow I'm sure u get this everyday, i can tell by the comments,you get compliments you look 30ish..well im 49 lol not afraid to spill my beens ?we all age and fighting it. is stressful itself uggg?great video!!!!?

  5. Kevin Worldsavior

    Relax! – We age, because we are vulnerable to any diseases (as imposed on us by our Creators through modifying our DNA) – But not anymore – I can make everybody Immortal right away – Immortality already is not a problem at all – We humans can stop aging (by wiping out all diseases) and live forever (like our Creators from the planet of Nibiru – The Anunnaki) – I got the key to our Biological Immortality – By staying absolutely healthy all the time – By doing my discovery (just an exercise for a minute a day) – My WVCD – The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction, that cures and prevents any diseases, known on Earth for millions of years, even radiation disease – I will describe my WVCD to everyone, who sends me a check for one million bucks – Everybody will stay absolutely healthy all the time, living their Endless Lives, for Infinite Health = Immortality.

  6. Sara Sara Nora

    I order this Argan Rain %100 Pure Argan Oil every month. I am sixty years young, and I do have wrinkles, but this product has made my skin glow and my wrinkles don't seem to be as noticeable. I don't want to look freakishly young, (I'm thinking about celebrities that go to extremes) but I do want to look as good as I can at any age.

  7. Juraj Golubcov

    I have been working in health foods and supplements since 2009 and had to absorb loads of information and do loads of research plus I have tons of feedback from customers and my own results from my lifestyle changes…and I absolutely approve this man's message!!! If you follow what he's talking about to a point you'll be a healthy individual. Thank you sir, we need more whistle blowers like your self!!

  8. William Menghi

    it's cute what the women here write about you, re: "Super Male Vitality" is the ingredient ashwaganda the same as ashwagandha. Further, I noticed Alex Jones says he only take 1/2 the recommended dosage. I was taking 3/4 of the daily dosage for 10 days and got really ill. Of Course I don't directly blame the supplement. I need to look at all my 'outness' regarding clean living. and nutrition uptake. It ran me down. If i take it then exercise, it feels like speed. Please comment. I am nearly 60

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