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Dr. Antiaging (Dr. Sopena) Cómo eliminar la flacidez facial y las marcas del acné

El Dr. Juan Sopena nos abre las puertas de su consulta para enseñarnos los tratamientos de última generación en el mundo de la estética. Tratamientos sin cirugía, igual de efectivos pero menos invasivos.

Arrugas de expresión, bolsas en los ojos, grasa localizada, manchas de envejecimiento en la piel, reconstrucción de nariz, … Con un tono amable y cercano, el Dr. Sopena nos va a hacer entender a todos , mediante las explicaciones que da a sus pacientes, cómo podemos mejorar nuestro aspecto, a qué precio y en cuánto tiempo.

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Part 7: Anti-Aging Doctors

World leading medical doctors in the fields of anti-aging and prevention discuss anti-aging strategies and “how to pick an anti-aging doctor.” From left-to-right the participants include Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Dave Woynarowski, Dr. Karlis Ullis, Dr. Phillip Miller and Dr. Stephen Coles. More information can be found at or follow updates at

Best Anti Aging Products – The Anti aging Secrets of Celebrity Doctor

Best Anti Aging Serum by Derma Forest

Instant Wrinkle Repair Serum is formulated by an advanced technology, gives the instant relief from wrinkles. It is an advanced anti-aging serum which briskly removes wrinkles. The serum is absorbed by skin, it goes in deep layer of skin to rejuvenate, nourish, smoothen and remove the old skin.

The dream of having clear and glowing skin now cam come true with Derma Forest – Instant Wrinkle Repair Serum. Its ingredients, Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Potassium Sorbate and EDTA are expedient to prevent wrinkles. Sodium and Magnesium Aluminum Silicate helps to remove dead skin and helpful in energizing the skin. Potassium Sorbate works as a Skin cracks remover. When Best Anti Wrinkle Serum goes in the deep layer of skin, it provides nourishment to skin leading to smooth skin surface. EDTA is a considerable substance that helps to uphold the stunning appearance of skin. It helps to thwart the adverse affect of tap water by bonding with metal ions, existing in water and impedes metals to get into our skin.

Apart from the above mentioned ingredients, our product Best Anti Wrinkle Serum also has Algae Extract. It is anti-inflammatory agent which helps to eliminate wrinkles and heal skin.

Why Best Anti Wrinkle Serum

Instant Wrinkle Repair Serum is conducive to prevent wrinkles by removing dryness, dead skin, softening and rejuvenating the skin.
It helps to improve skin elasticity. With use of Instant Wrinkle Repair Serum, skin elasticity enhances by reduction in wrinkles.
It helps to maintain glowing skin. With regular use of the serum, you will get better results. Wrinkles and fine lines will fade away and you will look younger.
It helps in healing the skin also. Healing assist to reduce wrinkles and makes the surface of skin smooth.
Now you don’t need to run after perplexing wrinkle remover products every now and then because Instant Wrinkle Repair Serum will surely take away disappointment from your face. Use it and get the nourishing, resilient, elastic and wrinkle free skin.

Healthy Skin Routine- Dallas Anti-aging and Cosmetic Dermatology Doctor

Healthy skin routine is one of the most important and cost effective thing you can for yourself. No matter what your skin type or needs, establishing a healthy skin routine and healthy lifestyle is essential to your health. Dr. Malik discusses healthy skin habits on ktxd for most common skin concerns.

About Naila Malik MD:
Naila Malik MD provides non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic skincare treatments and metabolic weight loss in Dallas and Southlake Texas.
Dr. Naila Malik is board certified in Family medicine and active member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and the America Academy of Anti aging and Regenerative Medicine. She has been featured in the Dallas Best Doc Network and in many national publications and media such as Elle magazine, More, Self, Fitness, CBS, GMT, CW33 and many more. Her unconventional and wholesome approach and the ability to relate to her patients has led to a wide patient audience from all over. Dr. Malik is the inventor of her own line of skincare products for most common skin needs.
Please call 888-210-9693 if you would like a consult for your skin needs

Naila Malik MD
Dallas Cosmetic Skincare-Dallas Metabolic Weight Loss
3001 Knox St Ste 407, Dallas Texas, 75205
175 Miron Drive, Southlake Texas, 76092

Board-Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine- AAAM
American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine- A4M
The Liquid Facelift Association

The information provided in this video is for educational purpose only, this site does not provide medical advice.

Natural Anti-Aging Solutions Dr. Group covers natural anti-aging solutions, the science of aging, and the best natural solutions to deal with its effects. This is a life lesson that everyone needs to hear.


Dr. Edward Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM is the founder and CEO of Global Healing Center. He assumes a hands-on approach to producing new and advanced life changing products and information to help you maintain a clean body and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s our mission to bring back good health, positive thinking, happiness, and love.

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Skin Science – The New Key to Anti-Aging Medicine – Professor Adiel Tel-Oren (January 2015)

Skin Science – The New Key to Anti-Aging Medicine by Professor Adiel Tel-Oren, MD, DC, DABFM, DABCN, CCN, LN, presented on January 15, 2015.

What does the new science of skin health reveal about the secrets of longevity and disease prevention? How will simple, objective, non-invasive cutting-edge diagnostic tools revolutionize your overall health? What common practices must be avoided in order to maintain youthful skin, brain and body? Why do skin growths, cancers, rashes, and blemishes appear on your skin?
Because of its superficial position and aesthetic significance, humans care a lot about their skin and therefore have studied it extensively. However, lesser-known aspects of skin science have just recently come to light and are yet a novelty for amateurs and scientists alike. In this lecture Dr. Tel-Oren will introduce revolutionary scientific instruments that can diagnose skin health and demonstrate the progress of skin degeneration. Until now, these scientific instruments have only been available to major university research departments interested in general skin physiology, immunology, bacteriology, and pathology, but not in clinical applications. This is the first time that such skin diagnosis measures can be harnessed in a clinical or office setting to serve the needs of practitioners focused on anti-aging medicine.
The skin is not just the largest organ in the body, it is also a major organ of elimination, nutrient production, physical protection, and a major organ of the innate immune system second only in size and importance to the gastrointestinal tract. This innate immunity, as in other parts of the body, is the primordial initial line of defense against potential bacterial, viral, or environmental insult. Because of this function of the skin, and because of its structural components that lend protective lining and cushioning to our internal organs and neuro-musculo-skeletal structures, it is paramount that we identify trends affecting skin health and demonstrating its gradual degeneration process, as these trends directly affect the entire body’s immune resistance.